I am very grateful for the following endorsements that I have received:

Arizona legend Barry Goldwater, Jr.  Endorses Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council

Fountain Hills Councilwoman Brenda Kalivianaskis Endorsement

“I have known Pam for some time now. It is my honor to offer my unconditional endorsement to Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council. Pam will ensure Scottsdale has safe neighborhoods, will protect the city from a proliferation of high-density housing, and has committed to no new property taxes. Pam is pro-business and would support measured/sensible growth for Scottsdale. Pam is an Arizona native and a lifelong resident of Scottsdale. As such, she has her finger on the pulse of how to preserve what’s great about Scottsdale and make improvements where necessary.

Pam’s resume is impressive having earned a master’s degree, been a business owner, and was a former station manager for KPAZ Television. She has the background and experience that a City Council person needs to guide Scottsdale to a safe and prosperous future.

As a former prosecutor, business owner, and current member of the United States Coast Guard Aux and Fountain Hills Town Council Elect, I can personally attest to Pam’s intelligence, reasonableness, and honor to serve the citizens of Scottsdale well. I’m convinced she will be a tremendous addition to the City Council; therefore, I enthusiastically endorse Pam Carter and encourage people to vote for Pam in the upcoming general election.”

– Brenda Kalivianaskis

Fountain Hills Councilwoman Hanna Toth Endorses Pamela Carter

“I wholeheartedly endorse Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council. She is a true conservative, a warrior, and an exemplary representative of the Lord. I had the honor of working with Pamela over 2020 and learned even then about her passion for her city and desire for its best interest. Although we didn’t know at the time that she would be running for City Council in two years, Pamela showed me from the very beginning why she would make the perfect candidate. Scottsdale would be truly blessed to have her!”
– Hannah Toth
“I am endorsing Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council because she believes in a parent’s right to govern their children’s medical and school choices.  She is a strong Conservative who will support your police and ensure that your city stays safe from the radical policies of the woke agenda and keep your taxes low.”
Vote Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council
Vote Sapir for Superintendent of Public Instruction

“I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Pamela Carter for our Scottsdale City council. Pamela brings a lifelong history of civic involvement to the job. Her love for our City is evidenced in her volunteerism She is passionate about keeping Scottsdale the very special place it is. Her energy level is robust. She will serve the residents of our City well.”