My liberal democrat opponents champion Joe Biden’s open border policies, but this is a critical issue that should not be corrupted by their partisan politics. Our open borders are allowing human trafficking, drugs (including fentanyl), gangs, drugs, and violence to pour across our border, in record-setting quantities. This puts us all at risk, just because politicians are too busy fighting each other to fight for us. I believe we should secure the border, enforce Arizona’s laws, and stop the flow of drugs, crime, and violence. Legal immigration has long been a source of strength for America and deserves its own updating, but nothing meaningful will succeed until illegal immigration is largely ended.



While Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs are killing jobs and driving up inflation, Arizona is the hottest job market in the country and the fastest-growing state in the country, because we have cut taxes and regulations and built a state where companies can naturally grow and thrive. Let’s keep things working while making smart plans for how to accommodate future growth. We will face transportation, water, and infrastructure challenges, but if we plan well, we can continue to set an example for the rest of the country to follow.

We deserve fair, honest, and accurate elections. That isn’t partisan, it is common sense. Every Arizonan will benefit from results that are reliable and reported quickly, voter rolls that are cleaned of voters who have left the state or passed away, and transparency on the part of everyone involved. I’ll work with everyone I can to fix these problems once and for all.

Inflation is having a devastating impact on the cost of living, making it increasingly difficult for Arizona families to make ends meet. Government is driving this problem with massive spending and bad economic decisions. We must do better. I support economic policies that promote fiscal responsibility, reduce government spending, and repair our supply chain and manufacturing problems. We need to tackle inflation before it destroys our middle class.

Yet another area my liberal democrat opponents and I disagree on is our Constitutional rights. I am committed to restoring and protecting them, especially our First Amendment rights that allow us to speak freely without the interference of government and its big-tech partners, our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and our healthcare freedoms that recognize that government may not coerce us into making health care choices.

While my liberal democrat opponents support the radicalization of our K-12 schools and their curriculum, I’m committed to protecting our children from radical left-wing agendas that seek to impose harmful ideologies on kids. Our schools should be focused on teaching our kids the basics and giving them the foundational skills they need to succeed in life. I firmly believe parents should have the final say in matters regarding their children’s education, and I will work tirelessly to safeguard the innocence and well-being of our children, defending their right to a traditional upbringing free from uninvited ideological influence.

I stand with our Police and Fire and assorted First Responders. There are radical voices in today’s Democratic Party urging the defunding of the people who keep us safe. I will continue to point out the tragic results of these bad ideas in cities like San Francisco, and I will vote to support Police and Fire in the State House.

I believe in high-quality schools and in giving parents choices so they can choose the school that is right for their child. Our Democratic incumbent and our liberal democratic opponents fight against your rights as parents – opposing giving you options on where to send your child, opposing giving you all the information and control you deserve when it comes to curriculum, and opposing involving parents before decisions are made involving your child’s health and well-being. My commitment to safe schools and parental involvement makes the two of us very different. And I supported many of the K-12 funding increases that democratic opponents voted against. We deserve better. I will vote for our kids, for our parents, and for the resources and accountability our teachers and schools need.

I’ll be forever grateful to those who have served and those who serve today, that is why I support our military bases and men and women in uniform. The economic impact of these bases is obviously of great value to our state, so I will work to protect them, but I also want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to make Arizona one of the most veteran-friendly states in the country.

I am glad to see more and more people devoting their time and thought to the vital importance of water as a precious resource. Ensuring a long-term water supply and encouraging sustainable water management strategies that prioritize responsible usage are important to me. If we work together, we can implement sound policies, invest in the necessary technology and infrastructure, and promote water conservation practices – safeguarding Arizona water and building a resilient water system that supports our people and our economic prosperity for years to come.

A reformer, small business owner, and lifelong Arizonan, Pamela has the skills and passions needed to fix what is broken in our state government and provide our state with excellent jobs, schools, and quality of life.

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