Elect Pamela Carter for Scottsdale City Council

Education:  Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Biblical theology

Occupation:  President, Creative Genius Media, syndicated freelance host, IBTV, XPMedia, and Get in Shape. Board of Directors for National Latina Latino Commission and Help 4 Kidz

Native of Arizona
Pamela Carter is a native of Arizona and grew up and went to school in the Scottsdale area. Her father was in the U.S. Air Force, and a local business owner. She loves the Latina heritage of her maternal grandmother; she and her family have owned real estate here for generations. She is a Christian and minister (Numbers 13:30), teaching biblical knowledge in various church groups and media. She began the first Faith Ambassadors program in 2020 for the Presidential election and was the Deputy Strategic Initiatives Director for Arizona.

City of Scottsdale
“I love Scottsdale and I will fight to preserve the integrity and history of its rich Western heritage and ensure that our citizens and legal residents are a top priority. I will be your voice on the City Council to protect your homes and property values from high-density multi-family apartments blocking our views and creating undesirable height codes to keep our residential areas safe. Fiscal responsibility, public safety, and helping local businesses will be my focus.

  • Pro-constitutionalist
  • Protect home values and fight for lower taxes
  • Proponent of our civil and religious liberties
  • Value every life, at any age
  • Strong Judeo-Christian faith and integrity
  • Pro Law and Order, support our first responders and Police to protect our schools and neighborhoods from violent crime
  • Stop human trafficking, vagrancy, and panhandling in Scottsdale
  • Preserve open land spaces, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and residential neighborhoods
  • Pro-Sensible Development in alignment with the residents, let the voters choose

Loving people as I do, I will work to keep Scottsdale safe for families and businesses. It is imperative that Scottsdale stays the gem that shines brilliantly in the desert.”



Pamela cares about our State and Scottsdale’s future. The quality of life in this great city has degraded in many ways, and at the same time, the cost of living is increasing. Career politicians have forgotten what life is like for everyday residents.

We need a more responsive council to improve the quality of life for our people in each incorporated area. Pamela will fight for better education, less crime, more local jobs, protection of residential neighborhoods & avoid tax increases.

Pamela is running because Scottsdale Hispanic voters deserve leadership that puts them first. She looks forward to serving all Scottsdale residents.  #VotePamelaCarter

Education: Master’s Degree in Business and Communications
Family: Family-owned businesses and real estate in AZ for generations
Latina heritage, raised in Scottsdale, and Arizona native
President, Creative Genius Media, syndicated freelance host, IBTV, XPMedia, and Get in Shape. Board of Directors for National Latina Latino Commission and Help 4 Kidz


  • Business Owner of a Sports Medicine and Weight Training facility for athletes including Phx Suns, ASU, and NFL players, in Scottsdale, one of the first and largest in the nation.
  • On-Air Host of GET IN SHAPE With Pamela Carter and National talk show host of various Christian television shows
  • Strategic Initiatives Director, 2020 Presidential campaign Faith, Women Pro-life
  • One of the Founders of Alma Vision, for Latino and Bi-lingual audiences
  • Station Manager of KPAZ television in Phoenix
  • Board of Directors for Help 4 Kidz, a Nationally recognized outreach for at-risk teens and families, 4 Presidential awards


Protect Scottsdale from urbanization and overdevelopment by voting against high-rise high-density mixed-use apartment complexes.

Reduce crime, homelessness, and panhandling and keep our neighborhoods safe from human trafficking and drug cartels by fully funding and staffing our Police and First Responders.

Enforce current laws and noise ordinances for Short-term Rental Properties.
Promote Local Business, Tourism, Arts, and Culture

Preserve Old Town, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, open land spaces, water resources, and our residential neighborhoods.

To be fiscally responsible with the budget by keeping property taxes low and passing no unnecessary spending sprees.

I will be your vote on City Council and my top priority will be to protect your neighborhoods and families and to preserve the integrity of Scottsdale’s rich heritage for future generations.

Loving people, and family, and keeping my faith are vital to our community like one of my heroes, Chaplain Winfield Scott, the founder of Scottsdale. He fought for our country and our city and was called “the Fighting Parson” so shall I fight for you, Scottsdale! (Numbers 13:30)